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EHR Dental App

About This Project

Our client, a dentist, told us that in general, patients tend to be skeptical even by showing X-ray and intra-oral camera pictures. Part of the reason is that patients don’t feel an association with professional picture scans. Patients need a quick and objective way to describe their symptoms which they feel comfortable with.

Whom We Are Building For

We discovered that many dentists notice hesitation from patients when listening to the treatment plan from the doctor. It’s understandable that many patients who don’t have a medical background will be confused and feel hard to relate an x-ray picture to, say, their painful tooth on the bottom left. Sometimes advanced technical pictures can help doctors to diagnose the disease, however, some tangible solutions will help doctors to build trust among their patients.

Where Do They Usually Use It

Doctors and their technicians usually need to cooperate to finish taking pictures in the clinic which is in a fast paced environment. By taking pictures, not only they can keep a proper documentation of different cases, but can also keep evidence in case it needs to be referred to. All of that requires a tremendous amount of time to sort out.

We wanted to find a way to allow doctors and technicians to take pictures for patients and save significant time to work on more important tasks.

Ideas to Solve the Problem

We introduced a photo sharing and storage app to release the burden for doctors. Doctors can take pictures that are assigned to each patient with the ability to share with the patient and lab. Meanwhile, doctors also can take pictures under different categories to efficiently sort the photo records.

Challenge 1

The challenge we were facing was to understand how doctors take professional pictures. Unlike the pictures we take in daily life, doctors tend to prefer accurate pictures over volume. We revamped the user flow by introducing a review step of every picture that was taken so doctors can check for quality before storage.

New Camera Flow

Challenge 2

Another challenge we had involved was categorizing pictures. We came up with several solutions, and finally decided to make it into a selection picker located at the bottom left of the camera screen to minimize distraction. Compared to the initial design, we combined the camera feature with the selection picker which is more intuitive for doctors to make a choice ahead of the time.

Sum Up

Armed with our earlier assessment, we discovered that there were specific flows that could be improved. We eliminated deep navigating nesting by merging functionality across the app. We provided affordances and set clear expectations in the interaction design by minimizing clicks to get between screens, particularly for most common workflows.

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