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Dating Recommendation App

About This Project

A client came to us with a dating app that primarily needed to attract more users and reduce confusion about its core feature. This core feature distinguishes it from other dating apps: not only you can find a date, but you also can recommend a date for your friend or vice versa through networking.

Usability Problems


High Abandon Rate

Many participants mentioned when signed up for a new account, the App brought them to a view to add friends without a way to skip it.

Original Userflow


Unclear Navigation Icons

Participants pointed out that these icons barely indicated any meaning to them. 


Confusing CTA Button

All participants failed to switch to the option to find dates for their friends.

Original User Interface


Obscure Explanation

Every participant said they couldn’t understand a specific term “voucher,” which means you can help your friend pair up with a date by vouching for him or her.


High Learning Curve

Most of the participants didn’t pay too much attention to the one sentence that explains it. Either the explanation is unclear, or users need to be required to learn the basics.

Solving the Most Essential Issue

We challenged ourselves to solve the issue of how users can participate in both features: dating and finding dates for friends. Instead of displaying both features on the same view, we separated them into separate experiences. The on boarding now explains that they can switch between both of the major features by toggling the logo icon in the center of the navigation bar. To make this feature more intuitive, besides the logo and text, we put a dropdown arrow next to them. Whenever users switch between the features for the first few times, tips will appear to enhance their memory. 

To clarify the navigation, we replaced the icons with text. In that scenario, users won’t need to take a second guess to figure out what exactly the navigation means.

More Exposure to the Core Feature

In order to raise attention to the term “vouch”, we put a clear explanation of it on several important views. When people switch to the dating mode, we believe it’s a good time to show the difference between both modes of dating and vouching.

New Registration Process

In the sign up process, we introduced a more thorough login form by collecting basic information at the beginning. We did this to better optimize the search for users when they start using the app. Although this might initially cause less sign ups, we believe it will create a better experience because people start using the app with a profile to use immediately.


For products like this with pre-built features, we spent a lot of our time understanding users’ actual behavior before doing any actual design. Our design decisions have a specific purpose to resolve the issues we saw during testing.

Landing page designed by Carly Bell

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